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This memorial website was created in loving memory of Connor Noel Ceplina who was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin on December 22, 2004 and passed away on February 09, 2005. We will remember him forever. He will never leave the hearts of those who loved him. 

Connor was born at 3:54pm. He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 19 1/4" long.
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Tributes and Condolences
Missing you   / Judy Bellinger (Grandma)
Thinking of you today and very often. Miss knowing who you would be today as you would be a teenager already. Love you more than words can express. ❤️
Little baby boys in heaven   / Mylene Roberge (angel mommy to Sean )
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son Connor.  He is so adorable.  Beautiful wide eyes, where laid an old soul.  I know to well the heart ache and pain of loosing a precious son.  My only child, became an angel in my arm...  Continue >>
Our Boys   / Tricia Rhodes
Our boys were both Christmas babies, Carter James was born on December 18, 2004. I couldnt have gotten a better gift. Only for him to be taken away suddenly on May 22, 2005. I pray that they are the best of friends with all the other beautiful angels...  Continue >>
I know your pain   / Sibahan Sanders (angel friend )
I am happy to say, yet very sorry to say that our boys will be playing in heaven together. As i read your story about Connor, i know your pain. I was also there a few months ago. I also lost my boy suddenly at 3 1/2 mo old. He had a heart problem, an...  Continue >>
(((Hugs)))  / Melissa's Grandma
I am so sorry for the sudden loss of your sweet little angel.. He is the sweetest little guy and I truly believe you will see him again one day in heaven.. We lost our little grand-daughter and know there is nothing so painful as to lose a child.. I ...  Continue >>
friend / Selma Flynn (none)    Read >>
i feel the pain too. / Laurie Montalvo (none)    Read >>
Angel's playng / Lisa Hendrickson (another angel's mommy)    Read >>
Prays are with you / Sirena Rindt (Trish's Friend)    Read >>
Our Prayers are With You / DeDe Gibbs (Related to Tricia LaPointe)    Read >>
To Melissa and Connor with Love / Patricia LaPointe (Friend)    Read >>
My little musician... / Ted Ceplina (Uncle)    Read >>
To my darling little angel / Dale Ceplina (Grandfather)    Read >>
In loving memory of ^Connor^...God's Littlest Angel / Kim, Randy &. Randi Ceplina     Read >>
From Qui / Jacqui Misiewicz (adopted aunty)    Read >>
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His legacy
*My Angel that came to Earth for seven weeks*  
I fell instantly in love the moment Connor came into my life.  As people had said to me, the umbilical cord had never been cut.  We were inseperable.  Never in my life was there a time that I was happier than my short time with him.  Connor was such a healthy little boy.  Never in the world did I think he would be taken from my life.  I always said that I didn't know what I would do without him.  Now I am at that point.  It is so hard and so painful.  There is this unexplainable emptiness in my heart and in my soul.  It is even harder, not knowing what happened to him.  I went to bed with him the night of February 8th so happy.  Then I woke up and the nightmare began.  Lying next to me was my little boy, unable to be saved.  I would have stayed up 24 hours a day had I known something so tragic would happen.  I would do anything to have him back.  He was my entire world, my little angel.  I was so proud to be able to call him my son.  He is the most precious and beautiful gift god could ever have given me.  I know that he is in a better place where he is safe and protected.  I cannot wait to be reunited with him.  I just miss him so much.  I feel like the tears will never stop flowing.  Everything reminds me of him.  No mother should ever lose her child, it's just so unfair.  I wish I could understand the reasoning for my loss. 

*I love you Connor & I will never ever forget you, no one will ever be able to take your place within my heart*
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